New trailer and a new YouTube channel!

Just up is a new trailer for If He’s Dangerous which came out in June. Check it out below or go visit the new channel on YouTube. Also on the channel are the trailers for the other books in the Wherlocke series; If He’s Wild and If He’s Wicked.

Video produced by Sam Howell

2 Responses to “New trailer and a new YouTube channel!”

  1. Very nice website. Love the plaid top1 The trailer was super nice.
    Nancy Lee Badger
    DRAGON IN THE MIST coming soon to Amazon

  2. Egypt Call says:

    I love the series. Please tell me you are gona keep writing about this famly. The fa ilies remind me of what I hope my girls turn out to be, by that I hope they are all close and feel like they can talk to me and eachother about anything. Can’t wait for the nedt one. My fav id Bened, he can track me anyday. lol
    Thanks Again for never disappointing,

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