The Wherlockes


Lady Olympia Wherlocke

If He's Tempted

A touch of foresight. She can also read energies left behind from highly emotional events.


Lady Alethea Vaughn Channing

If He's Wild

She has powerful visions of the future. Stunned by the power she reads deep symbolism in every vision.


Chloe Wherlocke

If He's Wicked

Chloe, like Alethea, has visions. Not as powerful or debilitating as her relative’s power, her visions warn her of danger, often saving her life or the lives of those close to her in the dangerous streets of London.


Sir Argus Wherlocke

If He's Dangerous

One of the few Wherlockes to hold multiple powers, Argus is truly a formidable man. Besides the ability to project himself astrally, he can compel those in his presence to speak the truth.


Penelope Wherlocke

If He's Sinful

Penelope holds the gift of sight. Sometimes frightening, always confusing, the ghosts of the dead reach out to her to resolve their unfinished business.